Hills of Cove Golf Course Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer the highest level of service to the citizens, members, and golfing public to ensure the most enjoyable golf experience possible, while operating within the guidelines set forth by the City Manager and City Council.


Golf Course Cart Path Restoration

Project scope:
Start the cart path renovation on the worst areas as identified
Tear out and re-install new/improved cart path
Engineer firm Freese and Nichols created and developed the A & E of renovating the cart path.
Priority #1, 2, and 3. Priority #1: Falling apart/severe crocodile cracking, visual signs of failure, Priority #2: Cracking/moderate crocodile, signs of failure starting to occur and Priority #3: Minor distress/no base failure but should be replaced or sealed within 3-5 years
Priority #1: 10,012 feet
Priority #2: 5,773 feet
Priority #3: 4,517 feet

Competitive sealed bids (2018-08-54) advertising March 30 and April 6
Non-mandatory pre-proposal conference was scheduled for April 16, 2018 at the Hills of Cove Golf Course
Information or Interpretation of contract documents deadline is April 19, 2018
Bid opening is set for April 27, 2018
Brought recommendation to council during the May 15th regular meeting
-Project was awarded to Myers Concrete Construction during a June regular meeting totaling $679,261.00
-Contract was just executed and awaiting the scheduling of our 1st Pre-Con meeting Likely start construction in August **

Working with Freese and Nichols, Inc. on redesign and re-bidding this project
All concrete path
Reduced capacity/scope
Broken down into multiple phases
-Phase 1 is 2016-2018 issuance
-Phase 2 is 2019 issuance
-Phase 3 is 2020 issuance

Phase 1 will accomplish the base bid and additive alternates 2-6

4k square yard of cart path
3,200 square yard of sod
6 culvert crossings
12 bridge approaches amended
8k linear feet of post and cable established

Phase 2 will accomplish additive alternates 7-10

2k square yard of cart path
1,600 square yard of sod
6 bridge approaches
4k linear feet of post and cable established

Phase 3 will accomplish additive alternate 11, 12 and 1

(Maintenance road)
1k square yard of cart path
800 square yard of sod
2k linear feet of post and cable established

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